Welcome to the Pamir and Tien Shan. Beautiful place, not expensive prices, friendly people. Safe and very interesting. One of the 10 most beautiful roads in the world- PAMIR HIGHWAY.

Tours in Tajikistan easily be combined with cultural and adventure program in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Our driver will take you wherever you tell, and deliver to the destination.

We offer two of the most interesting tour in Tajikistan:

  • Tour number1. The Fann mountains.

Both trip easily connect with each other.


Tour number1. Trekking in the Fann Mountain. Iskanderkul Lake, Snake Lake.

Guarantee tour. This tour is guaranteed and will be arranged regardless of the number of persons in a group.

For 4 people we offer a private tour at the same price. Shoulder : every Monday and Thursday.

Fann mountains are indeed amazing and completely unique mountain area sometimes referred to as the Gem of Pamirs for its emerald green and turquoise lakes, surrounded by evergreen juniper grooves and gorgeous show capped peaks - a huge bright and natural necklace. In Fanns, on rather small territory there are more than 30 pure and variegated lakes of different size and shape. These days Fan Mountains are a popular tourist destination and weekend spot with locals. Its also a great trekking and climbing destination.

Period: 01 June – 15 Octouber.

Trekking for all categories of tourists, including children of 7 years. Those who interested can choose a more complicated marshut. Please refer to the guide and he organizes on-site. Reasonable and moderate prices.


We can take you from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kirgistan. Cost is not included in the tour price, but usually around 20-25 euro per person. You will be met by your guide and transferred to Iskanderkul area.For the rest of the day you can explore Iskanderkul area.

Day 2.

Start trip to:

  • waterfall,
  • Iskanderkul Lake.   

Fann Mountains has rich flora and fauna which is fairly unique and diverse. There are more than 2,000 species of plant, including many known curative herbs. High vegetation includes: walnut, poplar, birch, sallow, hawthorn, sea-buckthorn, barberry, dog-rose, and currant bushes.


Hiking to the Snake lake. One of the most beautiful lakes in Central Asia. Wonderful scenery, crystal clear water. The silence and grandeur of nature.


After breakfast we hike over the Chulbui Pass to Sari Devol (5hs, 12km). On the way you will see lots of eagles and marmots. Dinner and overnight in tents.

We hike Hazormech (3hs, 12km). On the way, spectacular views of the Hissar Range and Iskanderkul Lake. Overnight in tents in the area of Suchta.


Day 5. Hike to the top of Alexander’s hat (6hs, 15km).

Picnic next to the geological station. On the way to Saratog we will visit the spring Balak Balak (boiling water).

Back in Saratog, dinner and hot sauna for everyone!

Day 6. Departure.

We will bring you to where you will be comfortable (Tashkent, Bishkek, Dushanbe, and so on). Cost is not included in the tour price. In any case, it will be cheaper than a taxi. On average 20-25 euros per person.

Price per person: 211 euro. Children under 12 years free. Payment on the spot just for the food.

Price includes: • accomodation • •  full board• cook • guide service.

Supplement for single- 20 еuro.

Budget option for accommodation. Price per person: 178 euro. The difference is that in the tent, room, yurt is 4 persons.


Useful tips: The tour is through mountainous terrain. Comfortable shoes, warm clothes, rain gear are required. personal crockery (bowl, mug, spoon, backpack, sleeping bag ( all items possible to rent).

You can also continue the excursion program on other routes: Uzbekistan, Pamir, Kyrgyzstan. Bon Voyage.


TOUR NUMBER2/ The roof of the world  - THE LEGENDARY PAMIR HIGHWAY. One of the 10 most beautiful roads in the world.

Guarantee tour. This tour is guaranteed and will be arranged regardless of the number of persons in a group. Shoulder : every Monday and Thursday.

For 4 people we offer a private tour at the same price.

During the tour you will have a full sightseeing program with a professional guide. You'll be staying in the most interesting places. You will get acquainted with the local cuisine. Learn the history, culture and customs.

The Pamir Mountains have long been known as ‘the roof of the world’, a region of utterly breathtaking scenery and home to a fascinating melange of cultures. Follow in the footsteps of ancient traders and pilgrims, and Victorian explorers in discovering a region largely isolated from the world beyond, a land where each village speaks its own different dialect and local traditions have been maintained for centuries.

Traversing the legendary Pamir Highway, this trip starts in the Tajik capital Dushanbe but quickly leaves the modern world behind as you wind your way along difficult mountain roads and high passes, in the shadow of some of the highest mountains on our planet.

Please note that the tour price includes service with an English speaking guide.


Tour Highlights:

  • One of the most scenic journeys on the planet
  • Beautiful high alpine lakes
  • Staying with locals in Pamiri houses
  • Phenomenal high mountain scenery of the Pamir range
  • Lush valleys of the Wakhan valley bordering Afghanistan
  • Views of Peak Lenin over 7000m high.

Price per person: 570 euro. Small groups. 3-6 people. This is the best price in the market. You will receive good service and the incredible beauty of the Pamir mountains! Have a nice trip.

Prices includes:

– Transport

– Breakfast and dinner (lunch not incl/You have a choice, depending on your wishes. On average, 5 euro-day).

– Accommodation: Dushanbe –  Hotel 3* and Home stay.

– English speaking guide.

– National Park permit.

– Water during the tour.

Service does not include: – Single rooms (45 euro) – Travel insurance – Visa and Group visa for Tajikistan – – Visa for Afghanistan – GBAO permit – Visa support.

Day 1 – Dushanbe.

We can take you from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kirgistan. Cost is not included in the tour price, but usually around 20-25 euro per person. You will be met by your guide and transferred to Dushanbe.

Arrive in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan and transfer to your hotel, where if required your room will be available for early check-in. The rest of the day is free to relax or explore.

Day 2 – Dushanbe – Norak – Kalai Khumb.

We will cross the Shurabad Pass (2340m) and visit Hulbuk ancient fortress 8th Century. You will see Norak water reservoir that is called Tajik Sea. The highest point of the day is Shuraba pass (2 267 m) and after drive along Afghanistan border starts. We continue towards the Pamirs and Kalaikhumb, driving through beautiful scenery and interesting villages en route. Nevertheless the Pamirs are home to both people and wildlife – of the latter notable species include the Marco Polo sheep and snow leopard. The Pamir Highway- the second highest in the world (after the Khardung La Pass in the Ladakh region of India).


Days 3– Geisev Valley-  A hikers paradise.

Exploring by car valley attractions. One of the most beautiful areas on the route. Anyone can make a walk. There are several interesting routes of any complexity.


Day 4.  Bartang Valley.

We drive to the Bartang valley and cross the river to embark on a trek that begins on the river Bartang just beyond Bhagoo village and is mostly gentle uphill for about 8km to the upper of the three lakes. The first houses in Geisev are reached after about 5km. The abundant vegetation, the gnarled trees, the lakes and the ever-changing river - sometimes frothing with energy, sometimes limpid and blue - create a very special peaceful atmosphere. This route passing lakes and rivers traverses some of the most magnificent scenery in the Pamir. Later we continue to Khorog alongside the River Panj which forms the border with Afghanistan.

Day 5 – Khorog.

Today we have a full day to explore Khorog, the capital of the GBAO region, including the bazaar and the lovely Botanical Gardens which are perched high above the town, affording some great panoramic views. Excursion around Khorog, its environs and Pamir Botanical Garden - the second highest botanical garden in the world, after Nepal’s. The garden has an impressive collection of European, American, and even African and Australian plants.

Day 6 – Ishkashim.

About 45 kms along the road to our next stop, Ishkashim, we will stop at Garm Chasma hot springs for an (optional) dip in the waters. From here, we enter the Tajik half of the Wakhan Valley (shared with Afghanistan) and pass regional gem mines mentioned by Marco Polo, the most famous being the Koh-i-Lal ruby mine. Ishkashim itself may be the regional centre, but it is essentially still a large village and we stay in a traditional style guesthouse here which has a handful of rooms but single rooms are available this evening. Shared basic bathroom facilities (BLD)

Day 7 – Langar

Visit to the nearby village of Namadguti to visit the Khahkha Fortress. This impressive structure rises from a naturally formed platform of rock and dates back to the Kushan era of the 3rd Century. There are a number of these ancient fortresses in the area, and we also visit Yamchun fort, perhaps the most impressive of them. We take a break at the Bibi Fatima hot springs, named for the Prophet Mohammed’s sister and where local women believe they can increase their fertility. Continuing on we then stop at the 4th Century Buddhist stupas at Vrang, reminders of the ancient pilgrim caravans that passed through the region. (130km today) Overnight homestay with shared basic bathroom facilities. Tonight you will sleep on Asian style bedding on the mattresses and blankets on the floor in a few rooms of a Pamiri House with shared basic bathroom facilities (BLD)

Day 8 – Murghab.

Leave behind the lush valleys of the Wakhan Valley and enter a landscape that is rocky, mostly barren but nevertheless dramatic. This is the Pamir Highway we have anticipated, with the route between Khorog and Osh completed in 1931 across a Tibetan-plateau style high altitude terrain. Today we can also see some Neolithic rock art dating back some 8000 years in Shakhty cave. With a total of 240kms to cover today, we anticipate arriving in Murghab early evening. Overnight homestay with shared rooms and shared basic bathroom facilities. (BLD)

Day 9 – Karakul.

After breakfast we head for Karakul (135km). We cross several high altitude passes, including Ak-Baital Pass (4655 metres) which is the highest section of road in the former Soviet Union. We descend to Karakul Lake and then cross our final Pamir Highway high pass, the Kyzyl Art (4282 metres), which essentially forms the border between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Karakul Lake is the highest lake in Central Asia, and at 3915 metres, too high to support any aquatic life. Karakul means “black lake” but in spring, summer and autumn the water is almost always turquoise blue. At the northern end of the lake a track turns off west to geoglyphs and Saka graves (5000– 3000 BC), located about 500m from the turnoff.

Day 10: End of the tour.

Option: Dear travelers. You can also continue your journey, and go to Kyrgyzstan. Asian Patagonia- trip.  Land of fabulous lakes, mountain peaks of the Tien Shan.

From here we will deliver you to the place you specify in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Dushanbe. You can also continue your journey. This can be Trek in the Fann mountains, the cultural program in Uzbekistan, or a trip to Kyrgyzstan.

You can also buy cheap air tickets and a take a trip to Russia.