National nature reserves. Karelia, Vologda region, Russian North.

Here begins the real Russia.

National Park of the Russian North and Vologda region.

Vologda - the cultural capital of the Russian North and the unique traditions of wooden architecture, lace, temple architecture and iconography.

Kenozersky National Park.

Among the dense forests and swamps of the north-western Russia miraculously preserved a piece of the legendary, long gone in fairy tales and epics, ancient Russia. It Kenozersky National Park - a specially protected natural area, one of the last islands of native Russian way of life, culture, traditions, an outstanding example of the Nordic cultural landscape.

Pearl of the Russian North - Vodlozersky Reserve.

Have you ever been in the Amazon? Vodlozersky Reserve - is the same wild places, only on the other side of our beautiful planet. Lost world of primeval forests inhabited by a variety of animals and birds, calm desert marshes, numerous lakes in the bizarre web of rivers, boundless Vodlozersky given under low hanging sky, the island with the lonely chapels, long songs ... All this about Vodlozerye. In this region is dominated by three elements - water, wild forest and swamp swamp ...


Ecological routes of Karelia. Edge of 60,000 Lakes. Marble Canyon Ruskeala. Travel on lakes and rivers in Karelia. Alloy. Hiking routes. Winter hiking. Opportunity to visit Kizhi, Valaam. Marble Canyon Ruskeala - this is truly a fabulous place, which can not fail to surprise the tourists who visited here.