Ecological routes of Karelia.

Region of 60,000 Lakes. Marble Canyon Ruskeala. Travel on lakes and rivers in Karelia. Alloy. Hiking routes. Winter hiking. Opportunity to visit Kizhi, Valaam. Marble Canyon Ruskeala - this is truly a fabulous place, which can not fail to surprise the tourists who visited here.

Year-round the route. The tour is held every week. The duration is different, depending on your time and desire.

The average cost of one night: 60-65 euro, including accommodation, 3 meals, guide and support the main tour. Great for families with children from 3 years. 5-day itinerary 300-324 euros, 7 days marshut will cost approximately 420-470 EUR., Including food, accommodation, transfers, guide services. Additional payments active programs within the park, but many of them are free, but most are the same as a taxi in a European city from one area to another. Tours to Valaam for one day cost about 30 euros, depending on the time of year.

Dear friends! We offer for yours as a flexible routes, which can be modified according to your wishes, as well fixed routes.

Tour White Sea. 7 day itinerary.

Tour dates: JUNE 29.06-06.07 JULY 03- 10; 06-13; 10- 17; 13-20; 17-24; 20-27; 24- 31; 27.07.-03.08 .; 31.08. - 07.08. AUGUST 03-10; 07-14; 10-17; 14-21; 17-24; 21-28; 24-31; 28.08. - 04.09. SEPTEMBER 31.08-07.09.

1 day - Meeting in Belomorsk on / Railway station 22 hours and 20 minutes, the train number 092A at the vagon number 10 - plate "White Nights". day 2 - Night arrival (if you arrive by train at 22:03) on the White Sea petroglyphs (between 16.06 on 20.07..). Shuttle Kolezhma village (80 km) on the road dating to the 19th Belomorkanal gateway. Church "Peter and Paul" in the village of the Wyrm, and a brief acquaintance with the old Pomeranian village of Sumy Posad. Accommodation in a guest house (2-3 bed rooms, the house has a toilet) in the village Kolezhma.


Breakfast. Inspection Kolezhma village. Dinner. Watching the tide of the White Sea. Preparing for the trip to the islands and the open spaces of the White Sea. Dinner. Out to sea (exit time depends on the tide, it is possible directly from the road). Arrival in 3h- local guest houses on the island of borsch (3). Fishing in marine worm to donk - saffron cod. Banja. Sitting by the fire, sea stories.

Day 3 - Breakfast. Exit at Haymarket Lud. Getting to know the local landscape, nesting places of birds: gull, eider, puffins, terns. Travel between the rocky islands. Ludy - rocky treeless islands (7, 8), which grows a lot of seaweed and mussels (self cooking delicacies under the direction of the guide). - Lunch. Homemade cakes from Russian oven !!! - Dinner. Banja.

Day 4 - Breakfast. Introduction to ancient seids. - Lunch. Fishing in marine worm to donk - saffron cod. - Dinner - fish cakes from the catch, caught you. Banja.

Day 5 - Breakfast. The tour continues: Move on . Getting to the island: in the period from 15 June to 15 August, you will be able to watch the white whales of the North Sea beluga during training pups. - Lunch. Visit the "Stone desires". Dinner by the fire with a maritime history and Nordic epics. Accommodation in 3h- local guest houses. Banja.

Day 6 - Breakfast. Transfer to the island Berezovets: guest house (separate 3-bed rooms). Excellent fishing flounder (network and donk), smoking the catch, picking berries and mushrooms. Lunch + wine tasting cloudberry soup (at maturity-end of July). Dinner.

Day 7 - Return to the guest house Kolezhma village (1).

Farewell dinner. Banja. day 8 - Breakfast. Early departure to g.Belomorsk. Departure train number 091CH time 10:00 48 min. Tour cost per person in Korel: - 350 euro / person.. (2-3-4 Occupancy) - 380 euro / person.. (Guaranteed 2 guests) The price of the tour in the summer Korel includes: Local accommodation 2-3-4 3 meals a day 2 support guides life jackets fishing Boat trips on the sailboat under motor (under adverse weather conditions for the lift motorboats).

"Winter expedition to the Kola Peninsula".

Start date of the tour in Karelia: March 1, 2017, March 7, 2017 Minimum group of 8 people., Maximum 14 people. When a group of 8 people. and less - extra 3650 rubles / person / stay...

March - April is called "spring light." Snowdrifts still strong, and there are frosts, but the sun is already hot, and daylight hours become longer than the average Russian. Amazing snow and ice hummocks and sparkling snow. Itinerary in Karelia: 1 day (1 / MARCH 7) - 4:06 Meeting at the railway / train station Chupa station wagon at number 10 with a sign "White Sea", the train number 16, group transfer to the village of Lower Pulonga (17 km). Meeting guests, accommodation in cottages "Pulonga".

Rest after the road, herbal tea and pastries. -


09:30 Breakfast. - 10:00 Information cocktail. - 10:30 - 13:30 Walking along the sea coast with beautiful and whimsical snow and ice hummocks, familiarity with the terrain. Quiet winter forest, the sound of water rapids river Pulonga. - 14:00 - 15:00 Lunch. - 15:00 School of safe driving a snowmobile: instruction, safety, training, hands-on management skills training on snowmobile range, while driving instructor explains and controls the passage of each member of a new kind of obstacles. Preparing for winter expedition on the Kola Peninsula in the Russian capital of Lapland town of Kirovsk Khibiny!

After an active day, it's great to take a steam bath in a birch broom on the very beach. Fruit drinks from wild berries and pouring sea water, swimming in the white fluffy snow after a steam room (bath session - 1 hour per room): In his spare time to bath sledging-ledyankah "cheesecakes" on the hill; walk on a lighted ski track on snow-covered forest path with access to a wonderful beach; Natural ice rink (size range of sports equipment * when booking). Recreation. Exclusive offer on the White Sea! Snowmobiling - a great choice for exploring the real winter holiday in the North, with its snow-covered forests, sparkling frosty sunshine and fresh sea air. The pleasure of riding a snowmobile on a snow-covered winter road harmoniously complement the contemplation of the beautiful winter sports. Unit prepared track leads an experienced instructor, and management of modern snowmobile ( «YAMAHA VK-540 IV») is available prepared by the novice. Snowmobile circular route runs along the littoral of the White Sea and the forest track (surcharge:..... 1500 rubles / person / hour - double occupancy snowmobile; 2000 rubles / person / hour - for single occupancy, must be ordered when booking) . - 22:00 Welcome dinner. dating evening.

Day 2 (2/8 March) - 6:30 Early breakfast. - 7:00 Departure to Hibino (280 km) crossing the Arctic Circle in the Murmansk region (.... For an additional fee of 3850 rubles / person for groups of 8 people ordered when booking). - 10:00 A two-hour Snowmobile safari to the heart of the Khibiny, where the purity of the air and the snow-covered mountain ranges of white blankets of winter is breathtaking! (Surcharge:. Double occupancy snowmobile 2800 rubles / person..) - 12:30 Visit to the Snow Village, where you will be able not only to see Russia's only facility of snow and ice - to visit the gallery of ice sculptures stroll through the halls and galleries, take a break in the ice bar, look at the snow cinema film about the village last year and ride "cheesecakes". - 15:00 Farewell to Khibiny! Visit the gift shop. Shuttle Pulongu. - 21:00 Dinner and discussion of the results of the day.

Day 3 (3/9 March) - 10: 30-11: 30 Breakfast. - 12:00 Departure for ice fishing on a snowy hollow of the Karelian taiga forest on Lake Superior Pulonskoe (14 km). It is important that each member of the fishing winter safari was mentally prepared to stay outdoors on the vast North (well-designed clothing will maximize to get pleasure from what is happening (see. My clothes). Each will take an active part in the development of drilling skills holes, pushed on bait, withdrawal catch the hook - 100% winter fishing, and the lucky fisherman will get the best out of players waiting for the ear and tea on the fire with a tasting of the Karelian "Cloudberry" drinks, "Cranberry" and the famous "Karelian balm" Returning to the cottage!. 16:30 Lunch. Rest of the fireplace. Watching movies clips devoted to rest in Pulonge on the White Sea. 19:00 Dinner. Free time. Recreation.

4 day (4/10 March) - 09:30 Breakfast - 10:30 Departure to the village Nilmo - Guba in diving center "Arctic Circle", where we are waiting for a live chat with beluga whales in the zoo mode !!! Familiarity with the dive center, a light snack on the road. A visit to the Belukha - coach dive center will speak about the biology and behavior of these beautiful northern animals. Live monitoring of polar dolphins, being in his element, not taken out of the environment, it brings joy and filled with positive emotions. Snorkeling - swimming with beluga whales in a diving suit with a mask - 4600 rubles. (Number of places is limited, booking in advance). Dinner. Returning to the cottage. Dinner. Discussion of what he saw. (Journey to the beluga surcharge -.... 2950 rubles / person, for a group of 8 people, to be ordered when booking).

Day 5 (5/11 March) - 09:30 Breakfast. - 10:30 Departure to the natural park "White Sea" (12 km), which offers a fascinating view of the numerous forest lakes and surrounding taiga. On the route of a combined transport: car, skis and snowmobiles with sleds (hot tea, sandwiches and sweets). Everyone will have the opportunity to perform an unforgettable snapshots, find and take with beautiful stones, minerals "charms." Returning to the cottage. - 15:00 - 16:00 Lunch. In his spare time sledging-ledyankah "cheesecakes" on the hill; walk on a lighted ski track on snow-covered forest path with access to a wonderful beach; Natural ice rink. Exclusive offer on the White Sea snowmobiling! (Surcharge:..... 1500 rubles / person / hour - double occupancy snowmobile; 2000 rubles / person / hour - for single occupancy, must be ordered when booking). - 18:00 Master class in cooking Karelian gates, visitors can see the whole process from beginning to end, try your hand and work skills. - 20:00 Dinner with the presentation of certificates to the participants of winter expedition on the Kola Peninsula in the Russian capital of Lapland town of Kirovsk Khibiny crossing the Arctic Circle !!!

Day 6 (6/12 March) -. Farewell to the White Sea "It is no exaggeration to say that there is hardly a person who, having visited it at least one time, do not keep for life lasting impression from this meeting, will not save the love of this peculiar corner of our country." (Doctor of biological Sciences VY Berger). - 01:00 - Group transfer to the train / railway station Chupa station (No. 15, time 3:08.).

Tour cost per person  - 430 euro / (2- Occupancy)