Kamchatka Tourist routes: Volcano Mutonovsky - Rapid River - Volcano Avacha

Dear travelers. Logistics route to Kamchatka is not complicated as it may seem in the beginning. But it is necessary to closely monitor the details. Refer please to us and we will help you purchase tickets and make the best route.

Volcano Mutonovsky - Rapid River - Volcano Avacha 11 days / 10 nights.

You will visit some of the most beautiful volcanoes of Kamchatka: Avacha, Mutnovsky, Burnt admire the craters of the volcano.

During the rafting along the scenic River Rapid watch a wildlife inhabitants of Kamchatka bears, will be able to go fishing in the brook trout. Visit a variety of natural hot springs: Holiday, Upper Paratunski, Malkinskie. Take a boat trip on a boat on Avacha Bay and if you want, and weather permitting, visit the famous Valley of Geysers.

Difficulty: This tour is designed for people with normal physical training. Conditions: Accommodation in a hotel and a recreation center in a 2-bed rooms (5 nights), in houses apart (1 night), en route to a 2-3-person tents (4 nights). Meals on tour: full board, the food is prepared on a fire or gas stove.

Cost of the tour for 1 person in the group of 6-10 people. 1100 euro.

Tour dates: 02.07, 09.07, 16.07, 23.07, 30.07, 06.08, 13.08, 20.08, 27.08, 03.09, 10.09.

Itinerary "Volcano Mutonovsky - Rapid River - Avacha volcano":

Day 1 Meeting at the airport Elizovo. Shuttle Paratunka (40 min). Accommodation at the recreation center. Recreation. Swimming in the pool with thermal water.

Day 2 Transfer to the heliport. Departure by helicopter to the Valley of the Geysers and the caldera Uzon a flyby volcanoes Karymskii and Small Semyachik, a two-hour walking tour of the Valley of Geysers, flight (10-15 min.) In the caldera Uzon, one-hour walking tour of the caldera. Flight to Nalychevskie hot springs or the river Zhupanova. Bathing in the source. Dinner. Return to the heliport. Transfer to the recreation center. (The tour is carried out under favorable weather conditions, for those interested).

Day 3 Departure by car to the area of Mutnovsky geothermal power station, 112 km, 4 hours. On the way stop at the Vilyuchinsk pass. Vacation Tour to hot springs, the so-called "mini-geysers valley '. Moving under Mutnovsky Volcano. Installing the camp. Overnight in tents.

Day 4 The path to the crater lies through Uval pumice. Ascent to Uval easy and takes about an hour. On the ridge offers spectacular views of the caldera with a towering volcano Burnt in it, volcanoes Opala and Asacha. On the ridge, moving on to the snowfields of the volcano, with a small climb, tourists come to the gorge Vulkannaya river flowing through the fault of the crater. The river in the gorge is closed by a glacier. The entrance to the crater presents no difficulty. Deep crater surrounded by steep cliffs. The eastern side of the glacier down to the bottom of the crater from the summit of the volcano. Through cracks in the ice surface are pulled out powerful jets of steam and gas. At the bottom of the crater are many bubbling mud boilers, fumaroles, beautiful native sulfur deposits. Go to the crater (6 km, 3 hours). Set 800 meters high. Inspection of the crater (2 hours). Snack (dry rations). Return to base camp the same way. On the way visit the waterfall in the canyon danger. Duration 7-8 hours. Overnight in tents.

Day 5 Climbing the Volcano simple passes on the old lava flows, slag fields. Of interest are "kekurniki" - frozen lava outcrops of different shapes. Ascent takes 2-3 hours. The difference in height of about 900 m. At the top nosh. Inspection of the main crater of the volcano (1-1,5 hours). The ascent takes 6-7 hours. Return to the camp in the same way. Dinner. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. On the way to check in on the Upper Paratunski sources.

Day 6 Check in s.Malki. Visit Malkinsky hot springs. Swimming in natural sources. Transfer to the river quickly. Rafting on rafts. On this day you will pass rafting on the river about 15 km (about 3 hours of the alloy). During the rafting in the following days and get great pleasure from fishing for char. Installing the camp. Overnight in tents.

Day 7 Continuation of the alloy. After 1.5 hours of the alloy from the village of Malka river turns into a narrow valley sandwiched Dividing Range. Since then, the quiet nature of the flow changes. The river brings the ship to the place, which has to maneuver between the protruding stones. During the alloy you will experience the pleasure of the beautiful scenery of the river and, as one threshold after another, and even though they are simple, but require attention, coordinated actions of the crew with a clear manual guide. Overnight in tents.

Day 8 Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Hotel accommodation. Recreation.

Day 9 Transfer to the pier. Boat trip on Avacha Bay with access to the Pacific Ocean (5-6 hours). Survey panorama of the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Avacha Bay. Out in the Pacific Ocean to the old man the island. Inspection rookeries. On the reefs around the island are aggregations of spotted seals and insular seal Anthurium. A short sea fishing. Lunch on the boat. Return to the city. Visit the gift shop. Check under the volcano Avacha volcanic plateau in the area between the Avacha and Koryak volcanoes, located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level. The journey takes 2.5-3 hours. Accommodation in a shelter, "Three of the volcano." Dinner. Overnight in the house (4-6 people per room).

Day 10 The trail follows the slag fields, crossing a deep crevasse dry river and enters the volcanic ridge. Climbing takes place on the western slope of the volcano and ridged crest of an ancient stratovolcano. The remains of an ancient volcano 'collar' round the young cone. At an altitude of 2000 m is arranged snack (lunch box), then the tourists start climbing the young cone of the volcano to the top. The steepness of the slope in the apical part reaches 30 °. From the top of a beautiful view. In the north - Hollow Nalychevo valleys, volcanoes Zhupanovsky group; in the east - Volcano Kozelskiy, expanses of the Pacific Ocean; on the west rises the massive cone of Koryak volcano; in the south - the city on the shores of Avacha bay, volcanoes Vilyuchinsky, Burnt, Mutnovsky. At the top - a snack, visit the crater. Return to the camp is made in the same way. The length of the ascent - 8 km. Duration 6-8 hours ascent, descent takes 3-4 hours. Dinner. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Hotel accommodation.

Day 11 A visit to the fish market. Airport transfer.

Included in cost: transfers, accommodation and recreation, transportation, guide service, chef services, meals on the route, group equipment (tents, kitchen equipment, etc.), medical insurance. The price does not include: - Food in town and a recreation center; - The helicopter and walking tour to the Valley of the Geysers and the caldera Uzon -  price in 2015 - 41000 rub .; - Services not covered by the program.

Necessary personal equipment: Backpack, sleeping bag, a polyurethane pad (karemat), sturdy shoes with corrugated soles, removable shoes, a windbreaker or cheater, a set of warm clothes (sweater, pants, socks, hat, gloves), rain cover, light cap, bathing suit, personal care products, sunglasses, protection against blood-sucking insects, protection against sunburn, individual first aid kit.