Here begins the real Russia. Vologda region. Northern Rivers, nature reserves, ecological routes.

Vologda - the capital of the Russian North, the White Sea, Onega Sea, three national reserve.

Ecological trails, possibility of fishing and hunting in the Russian North. Year-round tour in the real Russia.

Wildlife, White Lake and Lake Onega, northern Russian rivers, excellent local cuisine.

Arriving by train from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Overnight on the train and you are fully rested in a comfortable compartment, start the tour. Departure by night train from Moscow or St. Petersburg. The cost of the train ticket about 45 euro. Guides organize the purchase of tickets.

The sample of the program that can be modified on yours request. Four days in the capital of the Russian North - Vologda and national reserves.

Tour№1"D". Moscow-the Golden Ring-Vologda-White and Onega Lake-National Parks. 8 days and 7 nights.

and the same:

Tour№2"D". St. Petersburg-Vologda-White and Onega Lake-National Parks. 8 days and 7 nights.

An extensive cultural program. Museums, monasteries, a tour of the military submarine in Vytegra. Three days gastronomic tour -spetsialitety Russian Northern cuisine (unique and tasty). No hassles. The beautiful nature and hospitable people. 


  • National park Kirillovo-Belozersk.

  • Onega lake,

  • Darwin Reserve.

  • Vologda. Museum of Wooden Architecture.

  • White Lake.

  • Excursion to the submarine.

  • Travelling along the northern rivers.

Day1. Vologda.

Admire the Vologda Kremlin and St. Sophia Cathedral, walk along the wooden architecture of Vologda region, see the famous carved palisade. Vologda - the cultural capital of the Russian North and the unique traditions of wooden architecture, lace, temple architecture and iconography. Tsar Ivan the Terrible wanted to turn the city into a northern residence. In this regard, the construction of a grand Kremlin, lays the majestic St. Sophia Cathedral (1568-1571 gg.) By the end of the XVII century Vologda retained its role as an outpost in the North of Russia.

After Vologda tour we visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture "Semenkovo" and get acquainted with the peasant way of life of the Russian North. Master class in traditional crafts.

Day2. Visit Kirillovo-Belozersky Monastery. White Lake.

Visit Kirillovo-Belozersky Monastery and Museum Reserve. Kirillovo-Belozersky museum-reserve - is a symbol of all the Vologda region, a treasure house of Russian culture and a place with an amazing story, filled with dramatic events. The museum-reserve includes located on the shores of Lake Siverskoye ensemble of St. Cyril-Belozersky Monastery (1397), the Ferapontov Monastery (1398) at p. Ferapontovo and wooden church of Elijah the Prophet (1775) at p. Tsypina. Excursion to the lake. Visits Voskresensky Goritsky convent. Dinner. Visit the ecological trail Darwin National Park (depending on weather conditions. The reserve is not open every day).

Excursion to the monastery Ferapontovo, which in 2000 listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main building of the monastery, the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin (1490) with frescoes of Dionysius (1502) In 1911 the art critic Vladimir Georgievski opened the murals painted for the world. Since that time does not stop the pilgrimage to Ferapontovo: thousands of people want to see firsthand the immortal art of Dionysius, a contemporary of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo.

Day3. National park "Russian North.

Here we are waiting for excellent hiking trails, water proguliki, fishing or hunting. Huge selection of cultural programs. Lastly accommodation in an excellent, warm and comfortable camping right on the lake National park is located within the main watershed between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans it abounds with lakes and small rivers - tributaries of the Northern Dvina, Onega, Sheksna.

In the southern part of the park is located Cherepovets Reservoir. Lakes are full of fish in some rivers are home to crabs, which indicates the purity of water.

In the national park there are more than 1,000 species of higher plants, 200 species of mosses, 150 species of lichens. The plants belonging to 84 families. The park is the northern boundary of the spread of oak, maple, linden, hazel and found a wild apple tree. 60 plants growing in the park, are rare, 8 species are listed in the Red Book of Russia. Preserved relic and very rare aquatic plants. In the national park "Russian North" noted the unique viable populations of the orchid family plants (23 species). It has been found 269 species of vertebrate animals in ponds found 29 species of fish, 6 amphibians, 6 reptiles, known 178 species of birds 50 species of mammals.

In the national park in recent years settled and successfully breed listed in the Red Book of the Russian white-tailed eagle and osprey. About 110 species of fauna are in need of special protection. National park is assimilated by a person with the Mesolithic. Widely known parking Pogostische I, II, IV, and Karavaiha pile settlement in a river Modlone. Slavic assimilation edge refers to the IX-X centuries, when the rivers and portages ancient Novgorod and Suzdal went north.

National Park since its inception and to this day has a huge potential for development of ecological and cultural tourism. On its territory are laid ecological trails, developed hiking and water tourism routes.


 Day4. Onega lake, Excursion to the submarine.

Interesting route along the Lake Onega. Possibility for trekking, 6-9 hours. Several routes of any complexity.

Fishing on the lake and the northern rivers. A visit to the Museum of Military submarine in Vytegra. B-B-Q.

After dinner, we go back or continue the route in Kenozero, Vodlozersky National Park, Kizhi, Solovki, Arkhangelsk.

Combination tours. Tour1 Moscow 4 days + 4 days in Tour7/ Vologda-Capital and the soul of the Russian North. National parks. White and Lake Onega. Excursion to the edge of the Russian bear Vytegoriyu.

Shoulder: everyday. Price per adults 459 euro. Children from 12 to 16 years- 305 euro. For children under 12 years, free guided tours, as well as accommodation. Children pay only for children's tickets and meals (approximately 181 euro). Price including: 8 days and 7 nights hotel accommodation, 8 breakfast, 16 excursions, tour guide service, English-speaking guide, transfer driver. A visit to the National parks in Vologda region. Tasting of mead. Accommodation at the Hotels 3* on twin/double share with breakfast. Extra nights per person -20 euro (Children under 16 years- free). (Hotel Vologda, Wardenclyffe Volgo&Balt, Vytegoriy or similar).

Price not include (adults):– Entry tickets per itinerary- 153 euro (in Moscow, Golden ring, Vologda + permits in the national parks) - Half board (56 euro for 8 evening meals- a culinary tour and introduction to Russian traditional cuisine. Fantastic fish dishes from the northern Russian rivers. A great number of meat specialties. Russian desserts.)- shuttle service from the airport (railway station) to the hotel and return (30 euro for coach), tickets from Moscow to Vologda and return to Moscow- 70 euro. Transfer to "Russian Vatican"- Trinity Sergius Lavra -15 euro. Transfer to to the edge of the Russian bear Vytegoriyu- 17 euro. Boat trip along the Onega Lake-15 euro. No additional fees, except those mentioned above.

Same price for the program from St. Petersburg.